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I stopped using wordpress at the beginning of the year but I haven’t stopped writing or creating videos.

You can follow my work on and my youtube channel called Feminism LOL


10 thoughts on “My current website

  1. Diana, you are one in a million. I have been the target of a sociopath, to my cost. It’s really encouraging to watch your videos and hear your wisdom.

  2. Hi Diana Davison. I urge you to see the movie “Oleanna”. It’s on YouTube, I believe. The movie ties in exactly with your investigations into false sex allegations made by females. Check it out!

  3. I found there one one overarching factor to account for current female psychology, and that is the very way men respond to women. Specifically, men go wild over female attention, and have integrated that response (or absence of) into their own ego structure—and women know it! They ought to, for even the densest female mind cannot fail to comprehend the meaning to the frequency of “hits” that they receive on a daily basis! So I primarily blame men for this situation. It is the common male outlook that makes it really hard for “outliers”. And, as you yourself has stated in your YouTube videos, attitudes can change— but it requires a lot of sustained hard work over the long haul, as it were. But what should be a man’s proper attitude toward women? That is the key question! Old attitudes keep cropping up in the course of a satisfactory answer. They are so viscerally ingrained.

  4. One big problem that I’ve noticed about MGTOW is their crude definition of “masculinity”, and “feminity, and “men” and “women”, which is restricted to a confusing interpretation of human biology with social and cultural conditions. Have they achieved the acumen to distinguish clearly each domain? Is “masculinitty” associated with thinking, “independence”, building, creating, working, etc and “femininity” associated with deception, selfishness, greed, social entrapment, etc? “good” V “evil”? I find their “findings” often very shallow, intellectually. I think that many of the above attributes can also be interpreted in a gender neutral perspective, open to both genders. In addition, I don’t find “men” all that appealing as human beings. They show themselves to be as a whole, mindless conformists, and generally, dumb herd animals with profoundly stupid prejudices, and, as a whole, just as cowardly and conventional as women. Furthermore, MGTOW jumps to unwarranted conclusions about both individual cases and entire groups, with a skew in favor of the current political-economic system in, say, North America, with all of its disastrous effects, and against “communism”, which, from what I’ve heard thus far, they are completely ignorant about, as they seem to be with all things complex. I find myself in agreement with much of their interpretation of women in the “modern” age of a consumer society, but that has a large component of social-cultural influences, hard to separate from the effects of biology, except by speculation, which MGTOW seems to have a large store of. I end my comments with saying that I enjoy your You Tube videos, and that of MGTOW 101 and the Sandman, but maintain a sceptical attitude.

  5. P.S. I left out the one contribution both YOU and MGTOW (Sandman and MGTOW 101) made to stimulate my thinking: the effects of gender on society and the individual. Thank you Diana (and the above mentioned others). This contribution I can only characterize as profound. I had never before thought about it, and that gap had the effect of leaving me mystified for certain explanations that link this Underlying factor to its numerous effects This changes everything. As for me, I am male senior, single and w/o any children. Most of my family is dead, and my surviving relatives, few in number as they are, all lead lives independent of each other with only occasional contact. I always found that I had to work very hard for female attention, even in my physical prime, and had maybe three or four girlfriends in my entire life, so one can only imagine where I am in the pecking order of males ad regards to being attractive to females–of any age, given their current mind-set! I also do not date–largely by choice, because the aggrevation is not worth the effort.

  6. Please let “Sandman” know that Schopenhauer also wrote on “human nature” as well as on “Women”, which “Sandman” had quoted from. It ought to be very enlightening for him. Men are no better than women. If “civilization” (however that’s defined) will collapse (whatever that means) due to the emergence of the female gaining the reins of power in whatever ways they do, men have more than contributed their share of poison. Let “Sandman” check out Schopenhauer’s insights on “human nature”.

  7. Hi Diana I like your youtube videos a lot, a little bit of constructive criticism; I don’t think it’s a good idea to start out with the rape joke, that kind of humour is very risky because people can easily be offended by it and then they don’t listen to the video with an open mind, or don’t listen at all. I visited an mgtow site today and someone posted an angry rant about it saying men are often falsely accused of rape and locked up in prison and it isn’t funny. The beginning of the video is all important because people will decide in a matter of seconds if they want to watch it or not, it simply is not worth the risk of losing them by making a joke that isn’t that funny and offends some people.

    Possible video idea – The Glass Ceiling. Sure it exists but it magically disappears when a woman becomes the Prime Minister or State Premier or Governor General (I’m Australian) or the CEO of a huge corporation or a best selling author or a world leading scientist or University Professor or Vice Chancellor or start a business and make millions of dollars or become a rich and famous movie stars or rock or pop star or become rich and successful in any number of ways. But when a woman feels she hasn’t been as successful as she would like it must be because of the glass ceiling and of course men are to blame. On the other hand if a man feels he hasn’t been as successful as he would like he doesn’t blame women in general for it, unless he’s mad. I’m sure you could make a good video if you wanted. Keep up the good work.

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