My youtube channel

I have added a youtube channel to my media outlets.

Feminism LOL is my video chronicles of de-constructing the feminist narrative. Also: Rape jokes.

I was still recovering from a terrible flu when I recorded this but I’m really big on meeting personal deadlines and the time was “now.”

My alter ego, The Cock Fairy, is thus introduced to the world. If you think this is a joke, you’ll be laughing twice as hard when I get footage of her postering Vancouver with MHRM messages.


One thought on “My youtube channel

  1. Nice channel, Diana. I don’t necessarily agree with everything that you say, and I think that some of you men’s rights activists can be a little too mean sometimes, but I suppose the other side is also being mean, so I can understand why you would want to retaliate with meanness. I have to admit, that beginning where the sign spins around and you laugh made me laugh.

    You’re really cute, too.

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